One traveller’s idyllic retreat is another’s adrenaline rush, such is the luxury of nature.

Coorg as experienced from a deck chair and Coorg as experienced on the steep forested paths are two extremes of the magic spectrum. In this untamed land, you’ll find trails that lead right to your adventurous heart.
This land hasn’t fostered the brave children of the River Kaveri for nothing. So, bring your strongest, most daring self to Ayatana and we promise you won’t be disappointed in your quest for adventure.


Somwarpet offers some of South India’s most scenic and challenging trekking routes. Pushpagiri, Kumaraparvatha and Kottebetta are treks on every serious trekker’s must-do list and are conveniently located near Ayatana. A sizeable part of the trek will take you through scenic forests and past tiny springs. Bring a strong set of legs and a spirit that refuses to quit - and you’re good to go.


Get your adrenaline pumping and take an exhilarating flight on our state of the art ziplining course. Let yourself go and feel the freshest wind in your face as you fly through Coorg’s stunning landscape with the roaring waterfall as your personal backdrop.

Rope Course

Let your inner child run free as you climb through our outdoor rope course. Make your way through a challenging setup designed to bring out the dormant adventure junkie in you. With experienced instructors, we’ll make sure your in safe hands.

Nature walk and Birdwatching

The simplest things can make your heart sing. Shed the years of cares and wears of adulthood and take a walk with Mother Nature. Walk through some of the most stunning trails while keeping an eye out for some of Coorg’s vibrant avian population.

Off-road Safari

Get a taste of adventure as you go deep into the heart of the Western Ghats on an off-road safari. The road less travelled leads to sights and places that are the things of myths and legends. See Coorg as the denizens of the skies see it - rolling hills covered in the dark green mystery of dense forests and wreathed in white mists. If you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of Coorg’s majestic wildlife.