At Ayatana, deep in the heart of Coorg's thriving lush full hills, is this sublime experience so magical waiting to beguile you through the irrepressible charm of the Western Ghats.

Wilderness Spa

Ever wondered what it means to truly relax? Look no further! The Wilderness Spa is a haven for the stressed and weary. Awaken your dead nerve-endings and rejuvenate your strained muscles at The Wilderness Spa. Bringing together the best of wellness offered by various cultures from across the globe, with our therapists you’ll find yourself in truly good hands.

The Glass House

Picture this, a waterfall invites you to fall for the charms of the evening. The cicadas chirp their one-track-repertoire with their whole heart, making you open yours. What the ambience does for the eyes, the food - a tantalizing array, handpicked from across the globe - does for the heart, soul and stomach.

The Forest Tavern

Unwind at The Forest Tavern, with the finest liquor and handcrafted drinks to please even the most critical palettes. Experience elegance like never before as you enjoy a beautiful view of the waterfall while you sip on a glass of wine or one of our signature cocktails.

Infinity Pool

Take a dip in our infinity pool. Swim through the cool water as you enjoy a breathtaking view of our private waterfall straight from the pool. How’s that for magical? These are some of the things that we like to call the luxury of nature. Come, and experience it firsthand.


A waterfall you don’t have to share. For once, you don’t have to share something this magnificent with hordes of noisy tourists.
With your very own private waterfall within the resort, enjoy a personal dialogue with Mother Nature. Steal away early enough, and you’ll have an entire waterfall all to yourself. Just you, the cold spray and the roaring in your heart.

The Honeymoon Experience

A land so mired in legend topped with the heady mix of coffee, velour, elfin mists, dreamscape topography and mood lighting cannot be far behind on love stories. Coorg is a perpetual elixir of romance - a veritable aphrodisiac for all the senses. There’s something about the hills that rekindles the flame and makes a cosy fireplace out of it.
Quiet mornings screened by the loving arms of the mists, the serenade of a dreamy waterfall, walks long enough for your hands to find their way back to each other, evenings lit by fireflies and much more make Ayatana a true harbour for eternal romance.
Breakfast in bed, cosy candle-lit dinners, blissful days where time ceases to have any meaning. Not to forget, The Falls in Love couple’s room at the Wilderness Spa that has a stunning view of the waterfall just for you and your partner. Do let us know in advance about the occasion, and we will organise the wine, the flowers, the mood and just about everything you need to make the day incredibly special.